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 Education / Research / Policy Unit

Leadership Education for International Social Contribution
Research in Global Medicine Area
Development in international society’s health area and consultation in health policy
 Hospital Service Strengthening Unit

Planning and managing education programs in medically vulnerable countries to provide medical knowledge and skills
Developing and providing appropriate medical skills that are implementable in low- and middle-income countries
Hospital mentoring projects in medically vulnerable countries
Sharing knowledge & developing and managing international social contribution program
 Primary Health Care & Community Development Unit

Providing support in international development project in global medicine sector
Primary care in international development and consulting public health policy
Managing programs and supporting regional health policy improvement in developing countries
 Infectious Diseases Control Unit

WHO affiliate; Activities in global infectious disease outbreak warning and response network, collaborating in GOARN
International infectious diseases outbreak assessment and response, participation in response training and research
 Administrative support

Providing official permission and management, secretarial, accounting, security, and administration
Managing and building database of the Center’s activities and projects
Advertising national/International activities and supporting tasks