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JW Lee Center for Global Medicine (CGM) at Seoul National University College of Medicine was founded to continue the legacy of Dr. Jong-wook Lee (Class of 1976), a former Director General of the World Health Organization who dedicated his lifetime work in global health.

Dr. Lee believed no one should suffer from treatable illnesses, to build necessary healthcare programs in the local communities. JW Lee CGM has taken an unprecedented step to strengthen the health infrastructure in low and middle-income countries and provide education to the next generation leaders in global health.

Currently, JW Lee CGM conducts education, training programs and research on global health issues to strengthen the capacity of hospitals and institutions at a local, national and international level in low and middle-income countries. Overarching every step of the projects from planning and implementation to evaluation, our dedicated faculty members and researchers are committed to provide high quality data and develop various training programs that can make significant and sustainable improvements in the global society. Most of all, we place a high priority in building trust with local institutions and communities through cooperation.

As a platform for global healthcare, we hope JW Lee CGM continues its role as an accountable partner. We ask for your continuous interest and support in our work.

Woong Han Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
Director of JW LEE CGM