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36 students from SNU Medical School visit the International Vaccine Research Institute (IVI)

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최고관리자 작성일20-02-20 13:48 Hit186


A total of 36 Students visited the International Vaccine Institute (IVI) on November 29, 2019 with professor Hyun-Bae Yoon as part of the "Understanding of Global Medicine" course, which is being conducted by Seoul National University medical students as part of the 'International Health and Medical Education' project in JW LEE Center for Global Medicine.


It was a meaningful experience for students interested in Official Development Assistance(ODA) and Global Health field that they could hear about international organization's recruitment and welfare, working environment, vaccine development and process and field experience.

Purpose of the project "Global Health Education" is to provide students with opportunities for global health education by opening global health courses in the regular curriculum for medical students.  

Among them, the 'Understanding of Global medicine' class cover such as health for all, the history of global medicine, distribution of health level in international community and so on. 

The class consists of 15 weeks course with  two hours a week.

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