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2020 Invitation Program at Seoul National University Hospital: Heart Surgery Program Ceremony

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Date20-03-11 14:10 Hit573


Experience and Knowledge on New Case of Complication 

through 2020 Mongolian Invitational Training 

 JW LEE Center for Global Medicine at Seoul National University College of Medicine (Director Woong Han Kim) completed a two-month cardiac surgery training program for two Mongolian anesthesiologists and ICU nurse at the Seoul National University Hospital from January 3rd to January 28th and held a completion ceremony on February 28th. 


The anesthesiologists, Undarmaa Odonkhuu and Battsetseg shiiter, have mentioned, “the training program has given us an opportunity to learn in-depth about the characteristics, control methods and management of pediatric cardiology and acquire experiences on new health complications of pediatric heart surgery, which are not readily accessible.” They also addressed, “we plan to go back to Mongolia and perform a team-based surgery in the future and carry out a new hospital-based protocol research. Utilizing the techniques gained from Korea, we will gradually improve and provide education on post-surgery care of congenital heart defect.”

<Photo. 2020 Invitational Program Group photo>

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