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JW LEE Center for Global Medicine, saving lives of patients whose paths were crossed in 2018 Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Capacity Building Program

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Date19-12-06 13:46 Hit602


Seoul National University College of Medicine, JW LEE Center for Global Medicine (Director Woong Han Kim) invited two pediatric patients, who were suffering from advanced congenital cardiac disease, to Korea. Both were able to receive cardiac surgery on November 28th and 29th, and are currently in successful recovery. 


“My child was born with single ventricle and received first surgery from professor Woong Han Kim when he and Korean medical staff visited Uzbekistan in 2018. However, she hadn’t been able to receive another surgery due to the difficulty in getting a close examination of her condition back home. We are so relieved that we were invited to Korea to get an examination and receive final surgery by professor Woong Han Kim. The outcome after the first surgery last year was very successful, so I’m looking forward to this surgery as well. Seeing my child’s once blue lips, hands and feet turning into healthy pink color makes me very happy,” said Dadajonova Shakhnozakhon, a mother of one of the patients Sotvldieva Mukhlisakhon (6y), shedding tears of gratitude for medical staff and everyone who made the invitational surgery possible.

“I’m so glad we were given the chance to receive second surgery in Korea after getting the first surgery by Uzbekistan medical staff back home. If I could speak Korean, I would have given my utmost gratitude to professor Woong Han Kim who performed the surgery. I’ve met many medical staff from different countries who visited Uzbekistan to perform cardiac surgery and gave little to no attention to patients and their guardians who needed second surgery. Unlike them, Korean staff were always so kind to us. I would welcome anyone who visits Uzbekistan in the future,” said Yusupova Nilufar, a mother of another pediatric patient, Sultonova Ezoza (19y). 


For Sotvldieva Mukhlisakhonm, whom the JW LEE Center met back in 2018 through Uzbekistan cardiac surgery capacity building program, she was diagnosed to have a second surgery back then. However, limited medical supplies and capacity made the treatment in Uzbekistan impossible. Unlike healthy people who have two ventricles, the patient was born with one ventricle and was in need of multiple surgeries. Therefore, JW LEE Center for Global Medicine and Seoul Natioanl University Hospital’s Health Foundation Project invited the patient to perform her final surgery. 

This year’s invitational surgery was made possible by the collaboration between SNU’s “Global Pediatric Patient Free Surgery Program” and JW LEE Center for Global Medicine, and patients’ medical fee was sponsored by SNU Children’s Hospital Fund, The Korea Heart Foundation, and SNUH Patients Support Fund.


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