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2019 Myanmar Congenital Heart Disease Pediatric Patient Invitational Surgery

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Date19-11-27 14:00 Hit159


 One pediatric patient from Myanmar, who was suffering from congenital heart disease but was unable to receive surgery back home, was invited to Seoul National University Children’s Hospital with the help of Seoul National University College of Medicine JW LEE Center for Global Medicine (Director Woong Han Kim). The patient received cardiac surgery on November 15th (Fri) and is currenty in successful recovery.


 “I’m just so glad my child had an opportunity to have such a major sugery. This would not have been possible back home in Myanmar, but we were able to do so here,” said the patient’s mother Yi Yi San. “Before the surgery, my child would be out of breath from just walking a short distance, and his lips would turn blue and fingernail and toenail would turn white. After the surgery, these symptoms have improved and I hope he will be able to walk without any restraints soon. Despite the difficulty from language barrier, I trusted the Korean medical staff and it wasn’t a problem.” Yi Yi San also wanted to thank not only the medical staff, but also the organizers who helped arrange the program.  


 The pediatric patient Sai Ko Ko Aung (6) had PA (Pulmonary artresia), VSD (Ventricular septal Defect), MAPCA (Major aortopulmonary collateral arteries), which resulted in the blockage of pulmonary valve that gave an enormous stress on the heart. Surgery was the only option to improve the condition. Chul Ho Jang, a missionary who had an acquaintance with the translator in Myanmar, was introduced to the patient. Jang requested for a surgery to Seoul National University College of Medicine JW LEE Center for Global Medicine, and came to Korea along with the patient, guardian, and The Togehter (NGO) on November 13th.

“I have witnessed the heartbreaking incidence of children dying from heart disease due to Myanmar’s difficult situation in performing complex and advanced cardiac surgery. From this point on, I hope invitational surgery as well as local fellowship program continue to grow in Myanmar,” said Jang.

This invitational surgery was in collaboration with SNU’s Health Foundation Project “Global Pediatric Patient Free Surgery Program” and JW LEE Center for Global Medicien. The patient’s medical fees and expenses were sponsored by SNU Children’s Hospital Fund, The Korea Heart Foundation, SNUH Patients Support Fund, and The Together. 


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