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JW LEE Center for Global Medicine perform pediatric cardiac surgery in Mongolia

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Date19-10-21 11:00 Hit109


 Seoul Nationl University College of Medicine JW LEE Center for Global Medicine (Director Woong Han Kim), along with Korea Congenital Heart Disease Patient Group and Raphael International, visited Shastin Central Hospital in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia from October 7-11th to perform pediatric cardiac surgery and provide education to local medical staffs. in JW LEE Center and Raphael International also signed a MOU with Shastin Central Hospital on October 9th.


 This year, 56 pediatric patients were screened with ultrasound and 7 of them were able to receive surgery by the team of Korean and local medical staffs. The Korean medical team, consisted of 8 members including physicians from the Department of Cardiology and Pediatrics, and ICU nurses provided their knowledge and expertise in on advanced cardiac surgery skills and post-op care to the local staffs. One of the patients, who was just a month old and in critical congenital condition, travelled from 600km east of Ulaanbaatar after finding out about the news that Korean medical staffs from JW LEE were coming. The emergency surgery ensued immediately and was successful. Most of the surgeries were performed for infants under 6 months who needed immediate surgeries. 

 In order to assess the current situation of congenital heart disease in Mongolia and measure the efficacy of the cardiac surgery capacity building program, JW LEE Center for Global Medicine also conducted a survey with the help of local translator. They were able to collect data regarding the progress and its cause, as well as project satisfaction rate and improvement in teamwork.


 The goal of this program is to build up the capacity of local cardiac surgery team consisted of cardiac surgeons and nurses, and develop a sustainable cardiac surgery infrastructure in Mongolia through consistent education and invitational fellowship program. Not only that, JW LEE Center for Global Medicine manages cardiac surgery capacity building programs in other countries including Uzbekistan, Ethiopia, and Nepal. Sponsored by Korea Congenital Heart Disease Patient Group and Raphael International, the cardiac surgery capacity building program in Mongolia started an invitational fellowship program in 2019, and will continue to provide education and trainings for Mongolian staffs. 

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