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“JW LEE Fellowship for Clinical and Cardiac Surgery Capacity Building Program in Ethiopia,”

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최고관리자 작성일20-01-02 17:02 Hit456


 Seoul Naional University College of Medicine JW LEE Center for Global Medicine (Director Woong Han Kim) visited Ethiopia from December 16th (Mon) to 22nd (Sun) to perform pediatric cardiac surgery and provide education for local medical staff. Through this year’s project “JW LEE Fellowship for Clinical and Cardiac Surgery Capacity Building Program in Ethiopia,” 25 pediatric patients received ultrasound screenings, and 10 of them were able to receive surgery under the teamwork of both Korean and Ethiopian medical staff. 


 17 Korean staff consisted of cardiologists, pediatricians, ICU nurses, and perfusionists shared their expertise on every step of the surgery from prep to post op care. Bilal Fantum (3 y.o.), a pediatric patient who received cardiac surgery, was initially told his condition was undiagnosable by the first hospital that he visited, and was desperately waiting for Korean staff to arrive. After hearing the news that Korean medical staff were in Ethiopia, the family drove for 20 hours to get to Adis Ababa Hospital and Fantum was finally able to receive surgery. 

“My child was diagnosed with asthma at the age of two and we’ve been to 4 different hospitals for ultrasound and examination, which cost us about $1000. I make $150 a year, which is not enough to pay off all the hospital fees, so I’m so relieved my child was able to get surgery from Korean staff to regain his
health, and we didn’t have to worry about the financial burden,” said mother of another patient Mehadi Amea (5 y.o.). 

 Through this year’s project, JW LEE Center for Global Medicine conducted a survey to assess the satisfaction level and team work of local medical staff. After analyzing the data, the Center plans to find the effectiveness of the project and continue providing evidence-based education program. 


 The goal of “Pediatric Surgery Capacity Building Project” is to build up the capacity of local cardiac surgery team and develop a sustainable cardiac surgery infrastructure. The Ethiopia Cardiac Surgery Capacity Building Project has been sponsored by Korea Foundation for International Healthcare since 2015 to carry out local training as well as invitational fellowship program, and has been working alongside with Seoul National University Hospital Health Foundation.


 JW LEE Center for Global Medicine was founded in 2012 to follow the legacy of Dr. Jong-Wook Lee, a fomer General Director of WHO. The Center’s mission includes education on global health issues, research, policy consultation, and global development. The Center also provides global health curriculum and opportunities to be involved in research to encourage medical students to develop the skill and insights they need as a global leader, and manages medical capacity strengthening program and public health policy consultation for medical staff and health officials in low and middle-income countries. JW LEE Center for Global Medicine continues to strive for its role in contributor of disease prevention and health promoter by leading in Korea’s global development in public health and its aid effectiveness.

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