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JW LEE Center for Global Medicine Hosted a Closing Ceremony for Vietnam Invitational Trauma Fellowship Program

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최고관리자 작성일19-10-08 13:49 Hit126


Seoul National University College of Medicine JW LEE Center for Global Medicine (Director Woong-Han Kim) hosted a closing ceremony for Vietnam Invitational Trauma Fellowship program, in which Vietnamese medical staffs were invited to Korea for 3 months to strengthen their capacity in Trauma Care. The ceremony took place on September 30th at Seoul National University Bundang Hospital (SNUBH).



The goal of the fellowship program was to provide systematic trauma care management and medical skills needed to develop a trauma center model that is applicable in Vietnam. Professors who led the program include professors Joo Han Oh, Sang Min Park, Hyun Sik Gong, and Young Kyun Lee from the Department of Orthopedic Surgery at SNUBH. 4 medical staffs from Vietnam’s Military Hospital 175 began their fellowship training on July 8th under the guidance of the porfessors from SNUBH.


JW LEE Center for Global Medicine visited SNUBH to assess the progress and satisfaction rate of the trainees and professors, as well as meeting with the President of SNUBH and the Director of International Affairs.


At the closing ceremony, Hyun Tahn Bin, a physician from Military Hospital 175 said “I was able to learn not only the new knowledge of medical skills to treat various diseases, but also about the culture by professors who were so passionate in their teaching. When I go back to Vietnam, I hope to strengthen our capacity in the Trauma Center based on what we’ve learned during the fellowship.”


Military Hospital 175 is a general hospital for military soldiers as well as citizens, and their new trauma center is set to open in December 2019. For 3 months in Korea, Four medical staffs from Military Hospital 175 were able to learn advanced medical skills needed to treat trauma related injuries, and they hope to implement the skills they’ve learned into practice once they are back in Vietnam.


JW LEE Center for Global Medicine has been working with Military Hospital 175 since 2015 by providing education program and advisory related to the newly building Trauma Center. After meeting with the hospital staffs at the construction ceremony in May 2015, the Center has been consistent with its role as an advisory to the direction of new trauma center to assess the medical situation and patients’ needs in Vietnam. In August 2015, the Center hosted Korean Trauma Center Tour for Military Hospital 175’s medical staffs to raise the awareness of trauma patient’s management system. Since then, the medical staffs from Vietnam have been invited to Korea every year for a clinical training, making this year its fourth. In addition, Seoul National University College of Medicine signed a MoU with Military Hospital 175 in July 2013 to continue working together on education and research.

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