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Hospital service strengthening

Congratulatory Message-Ethiopian Medical Staff Conducting Their First Open Heart Surgery

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최고관리자 작성일20-02-25 13:57 Hit153


Congratulatory message

Congratulations to the Ethiopian surgery team led by Abebe Bezabih and Ayalew Tizazu from Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital for successfully conducting their first open heart surgery with a full Ethiopian medical staff.

JW LEE Center for Global Medicine has been implementing 『JW LEE Fellowship Program for Clinical Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Capacity Building & Education in Ethiopia』 for the past 5 years. Throughout the program, we have shared our medical knowledge and skills with local medical staff and performed collaborative surgery in order to build a locally-sustainable cardiac surgery team in Ethiopia. I am grateful to the Ethiopian medical staff for actively participating in the program, and I’m even more grateful that this outcome was based on mutual trust and cooperation. 

Teamwork is imperative when it comes to congenital heart disease surgery as it demands a meticulous process from diagnosis and surgery to post-op care. Therefore, the Ethopian cardiac surgery team’s first self-sustainable surgery is a fruit of various departments coming together, including Cardiothoracic Surgery, Intensive Care Units, and Nursing. I hope that Tikur Anbessa Specialized Hospital continues to establish themselves as the heart of Cardiac Center in Africa, so that local patients with congenital heart disease can receive treatment at an affordable cost and without the dependency of help from abroad. 

Again, I extend my sincere congratulations to the Ethiopian surgery team. 


Thank you,

Woong-Han Kim 

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